Animated Valentines Day Video—Benji Hughes

Date February 11, 2011

All You’ve Got To Do Is Fall In Love with Paul Friedrich & Jon Williams. Paul Friedrich The Perpetrator. The Instigator. The Mass Communicator. Cartoon creator of epically entertaining cartoon stories, parodies and children’s books. Paul’s work is renowned for his storytelling, humor, bright colors and bold lines. Jon Williams Owner, designer, and programmer at […]

BRAND NEW’s V-day Redesign

Date February 12, 2010

Today over at BRAND NEW (a fabulous site that shows before and afters, as well as sharing of opinions of corporate re-branding efforts) there is a great post about Valentines Day. If you live in one of the countries that celebrates this holiday with all the pink, red, chocolates, and roses… You’ve seen some tasteful […]