When Kids Could Get Around

Date April 2, 2008

Before the age of soccer moms/dads in parking lines hustling their younguns to and fro, there was a time kids had to get themselves to school and pick-up sticks practice. We found some of these vehicles while spelunking at a local screenprinter’s garage. Of course there was a soap box derby car. but then I […]

Tata buys Jaguar

Date March 27, 2008

What is the big deal? Looking at the companies product line, I find Tata a more interesting brand. Practical with style meets old money. Jaguar has been a tired line for years. Maybe Tata will bring some needed color. Ford was certainly doing nothing interesting with these cars. East takes west! It is about time. […]

3 wheels more fun than 4?

Date January 20, 2008

Well since we’re on the subject of vehicles, I have to comment on something most basic: how many wheels are right? 2 wheels can be tippy and require balance, but 4 wheels seems to require special balancing and differentials to keep axles from snapping off. Which brings us to the 3 wheeler. As a budding […]