UPDATE: SPARKcon 08 fashionSPARK on NewRaleigh.com

Date October 2, 2008

WOW! NewRaleigh.com has fantastic and thorough documentation of SPARKcon’s fashionSPARK runway show September 19, 2008. If you didn’t get to the show, or couldn’t see it cause somebody’s big head was in your way, check it here!

SPARKcon 08: graffitiSPARK

Date September 24, 2008

SPARKcon 08 featured some of the best graffiti artists I’ve seen at graffitiSPARK…AND they just happen to be local! 8 local artists showed all sorts of painting and stencil techniques, designing 8′x8′ walls, all to the DJ beats of Joe Giampino.

SPARKcon 08: fashionSPARK

Date September 22, 2008

This week, I hope to provide a basic summary of the smashing success of SPARKcon 08. First, a primer: SPARKcon is a festival celebrating and nurturing the local creativity of Raleigh and the Triangle region of NC. It’s 100% volunteer… everyone involved runs entirely on enthusiasm, passion and talent, with a bit of support from […]