Ride down the streets of Raleigh on Google Maps!

Date February 13, 2008

Google Maps Street View has added Raleigh to the elite list of cities you can see from an eyeline perspective instead of the rooftop satellite view. Our entire office came to a grinding halt in productivity yesterday when we realized we could navigate the streets without getting out of our chairs. “Hey, go to my […]

Sketchbook Inspiration

Date January 21, 2008

Having a little trouble getting started this Monday morning? Take some time with your sketchbook. Here are examples of what some talented Russian people have done in their Moleskin journals. I can’t read anything on the site (it’s in Russian), but the beauty is in the pictures anyway. Check out more here.

Apples from Braun or Bathubs?

Date January 17, 2008

Interesting article by Gizmodo claiming a major design influence of Apple. There are some striking similarities between Dieter Rams’ work in the 60′s for Braun and some of the work coming from Jonathan Ive. However earlier assertions by Frog Design’s Luke Williams have been that the Apple influences were from bathroom fixtures and materials. These […]