“A Test of Your Willpower”

Date November 10, 2008

A week ago our friend, and fellow Designbox member, Paul Friedrich (we did a post about Paul’s Skateboard Cowboys back in July) sent out an email titled “A test of your willpower” and it certainly has been a test. Watching these puppies sleep/play/eat is a great way to distract yourself. There are 6 puppies, 3 […]

Local Spotlight: Shaun Richards at Designbox, March 2008

Date March 10, 2008

The Skeptic, Shaun Richards (sold) Milkmaid, Shaun Richards (contact Designbox for purchase info) Designbox is privileged to host Shaun Richards’ latest show called Click Clique, which the News and Observer named as one of this week’s Art Picks. “Click Clique is a new series of paintings and constructions that examine social dynamics, and nostalgic constructs, […]

The Latest from the Combat Zone

Date January 31, 2008

Matt, a friend and colleague in the Designbox space, ran into some bad Luck in the Raleigh Combat Zone (click here for earlier post defining the Combat Zone) yesterday. He left his beloved Nokia out on the patio for a second (maybe two), and it was promptly stolen! These days, a stolen mobile can be […]