Top 50 Design Blogs named by The London Times

Date December 17, 2009

Yesterday, The London Times named their list of top 50 Design Blogs. Of the millions of blogs out in www land, the blogs chosen have focus’ on interior, product, and graphic design. Check them out for last minute Christmas gift/decorating inspiration or just for the need to see new and beautiful things and places. Some […]

WordPress Open Source CMS Wins Award

Date November 23, 2009

A  couple weeks ago, WordPress (WP) was awarded the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award from the 2009 Open Source CMS Awards. You can read WP’s response to the award on their blog here. We Joined the WP train a couple years ago when we started blog Gamil, and have since learned how powerful it […]

Robyn Hitchcock, I Often Dream of Trains in New York DELUXE Edition

Date November 19, 2009

Gamil Design worked with Yep Roc and Robyn Hitchcock to create a deluxe CD package for a limited Deluxe Edition of “I Often Dream of Trains in New York”. The classic looking CD package unfolds and transforms into a phenakistoscope, or moving picture machine. Original CD and DVD artwork can be viewed as animations through […]