Big head Angus

Date June 19, 2012


Picture of the day… In memory of our joyous big headed pit bill. Putting this up to see if WordPress apps makes blog posts Tumblr easy. Yep.

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16 Responses to “Big head Angus”

  1. lauren said:

    he/she is soo cute!

  2. ernz said:

    rest in peace

  3. Aaliyah said:

    Really a Very cute….

  4. abigail zuniga said:

    Hi elise burger your dog cute your best firend love,abigail zuniga

  5. Maura said:

    Oh, I’m so sorry. What a sweet baby, love his ears.

  6. Rei said:

    Breaks my heart. Animals are such a gift and a lot of people just don’t care enough. Rest in peac…

  7. surendar said:

    this is so cute an really i like it….

    love it so cuteeeeeeeee

  8. surendar said:

    so cute dogiiii….. jajajaajja

  9. heather said:

    What a beautiful baby!

  10. Mercy said:

    Reminds me of my coco.

  11. Rescie said:

    Adorable, sorry for your loss. I grieve for a few beloved pets myself.

  12. Bhoopedra said:

    nice dog

  13. em said:

    we just had to put our girl to sleep two weeks ago. her markings are almost exactly the same. she was 15 and still a maniac.

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  15. mishra said:

    wow!!!!!!!!!ur so cute annu:-p

  16. Parker said:

    hi every one i lke all mug and some creative mug i like there

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