Awesome Touch Screen Gloves

Date September 30, 2011

OnTip Smart Phone and Tablet gloves are also insulated

OnTip Gloves are new to the market for the 2011–2012 winter season! You should definitely pick some up for all of your cold weather adventures. OnTip offers 4 different versions of these touch screen gloves made for different levels of “cold temperature.” 3 of the 4 styles are insulated keeping you warm, while also making you able to connected to your “mobile” life without removing your gloves!

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9 Responses to “Awesome Touch Screen Gloves”

  1. pinky kang said:

    this is great!
    where to buy?a website?how much this cost?

  2. aly said:

    go to

  3. upender kaushik said:

    thst’s great !!!

  4. Aynur said:

    Nice thing, thnx ;)

  5. lifestyle-inworld said:

    i like this……

  6. Joey said:

    The North Face makes some too – called the etip glove.

  7. Jacks said:

    There is a HUGE market for this in Winnipeg, Canada…

  8. Terry R said:

    you can find these at any of the major stores — Sears, KMart, Elder-Beerman, Macy’s, someone even said Wal-Mart had them. They’re awesome, I got myself a pair before Christmas, loved them and got everyone in my family a pair.

  9. whwyhy said:

    I LIKE

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