New Teastick Gems Package Gets Sensitive

Date April 5, 2010

Today is a big day for Gamila Company and Gamil Design… our Teastick Gems* have arrived! Not only are we excited about having them in house, we are also loving the new package.

Gamil re-designed the package for the Teastick Gems. It is now made of recyclable Polypropylene (#5), uses no adhesives, is made from only one piece of thin material, using substantially less than the prior package.

Although minimal in coverage, this package provides a full view of our Teastick and invites consumers to experience it while providing important protection from damage while in a retail setting.

You can order yours now from Gamila Company

* The Gems made their original debut back in October of ’08 to meet the need of herbal tea enthusiasts.

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7 Responses to “New Teastick Gems Package Gets Sensitive”

  1. BIG T said:

    Ludicrous waste of resources for the true edo-vandal – just use a teapot

  2. aly said:

    Not sure of your logic here. The teastick is an alternative to using a teapot while still using compostable loose tea (and not teabags)…and how was that teapot packaged?

  3. George Brandon said:

    I’m not sure what the product is. Altho it looks beautiful, is this just a teabag? What kind of tea is in there?

  4. Ольга said:


    Я тут

  5. winter coats said:

    cannot see the packing condition clearly

  6. Marisol Perry said:

    cannot see the packing condition clearly

  7. Online games said:

    Although your teabag seems to be very pretty and i would like to congratulate you for it but will you please tell me clearly for what is this product. I don’t understood.

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