Entries from February 2009

That Special McDonalds Feelin’

Date February 23, 2009

This signage for the brand new McDonalds, on the corner of Boylan and Peace Street in Raleigh, pretty much sums up my own mental turmoil upon going there. MMMM…fries…no, it’s bad for me….mmmmmm…no I should support local businesses…french fries mmmmm…no!…mmmmm.

Eat with your eyes

Date February 19, 2009

Abby Ryan has been creating a painting a day since ’07. Beautiful, simple and delicious. Seems like a great approach to creating and selling work but from the looks of all the food subjects she may still be a starving artist (w/ an occasional smoke. see variety of matches). She also makes it look easy […]

Buddhist Temple Made of Beer Bottles

Date February 19, 2009

This Buddhist complex in Thailand was built using over a million recycled beer bottles. Yet another inspiration to drink beer … cheers