Entries from April 2008

Raleigh Rising article

Date April 21, 2008

News and Observer’s Peder Zane searches for cultural progress in Raleigh, and quotes Aly on his impressions in a recent article. Amusingly, this interview with Ty, Isaac and Aly was conducted during ensuing April Fool’s pranks. Peder points to three obvious signs of the community embracing its creative talent in Raleigh: 1. First Friday Art […]

© Murakami – Art with Baggage.

Date April 19, 2008

See the new Louis Vuitton store at the Brooklyn Museum, IN THE GALLERY. Pop-art, Pop-branding, Brand-art or Art-cute. My favorite part is the counter-counterfeiting that was on the street with actors playing hustlers selling the real thing (@ real prices, $1500 ) at the gala… The art of business, the new war zone, Sun Tzu […]

Apparently, you can’t be purtty without a doctor’s help.

Date April 18, 2008

These are the days when plastic surgery gets free advertising from tons of beauty tv shows and magazines dedicated to it. Even fictional dramas – aka nip Tuck – tell you the key to self esteem is thru a li’l self mutilation. Get a doctor’s help to make you better than you are. Today’s version […]