Angus Downloads!

This post was written by beth Date April 7, 2014

Your favorite Angus images are now downloadable for the teeny price of $1.99! YAY. Check them out.





Impress Coffee Brewer: the must-have coffee gadget

This post was written by beth Date December 7, 2013



The Impress Coffee Brewer is a new product by our house brand, Gamila! It is a brewer and drinking vessel in one. It brews a single serving of delicious full bodied coffee in just 3 minutes. The unique micro filter creates separation between the grounds and the brew after it is pressed, so there’s no grounds in your beverage and the coffee doesn’t continue to brew. AND it stays hot for like…forever! It seems that way anyway. It’s the perfect gift for both the coffee geek and the on-the-go commuter. You can get it at Designbox!

LYF Shoes: The Digital Cobbler Revolution is now on Kickstarter!

This post was written by beth Date October 3, 2013

LYF means Love Your Fashion. Love Your Feet. And above all, Love Your Footprint.

It’s time to disrupt and change the way shoes are made, and we are doing that through a massive change in shoe manufacturing and assembly: LYF shoes.


The idea is to bring manufacturing back into our downtowns, but utilizing the very newest tools. We call this model the Digital Cobbler. It is our best thinking on how to fuse creativity and sustainability with great value. Assembling shoes in 90 seconds, we can afford to bring manufacturing back and even in small intimate settings like a retail shop.

The ultimate goal is creating a shoe collection that is sustainably created and custom built on-demand from a modular set of components. This means we can have infinite number of fashion upper options to choose from. It also means that each piece of the shoe is made from a single source sustainable material, AND the shoe is assembled without high heat or nasty glues, so at the end of its LYF-cycle, it can be sent back to us, easily disassembled and sent back to the manufacturer for complete closed loop upcycling. It’s a massive disruption in the big-factory approach of traditional shoe making.

Talking about supply chain and manufacturing is not as simple as talking about a product, but this work is truly important to us. The Digital Cobbler model is about fusing the best of: the globalized supply chain, the dexterity of new manufacturing tools, and the many benefits of assembling shoes as close to the consumer as possible. We hope to build Digital Cobbler shops in many international markets leveraging local resources while still benefitting from molds and components developed in other parts of the LYF marketplace. This is different than a “100% Made in USA” approach.

To launch LYF and get it off the drawing board and into the real world, we are using Kickstarter once again, and we are appealing to you to join in and help spread the word.

Go to Kickstarter Now.